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It’s my Body, my Choice, right? Vaccine mandates are here!



Wearing a Mask Won’t Ruin Your Workout

If you have a job, then you are already aware that you are being asked to vaccinate or show proof of the Covid 19 vaccination. Some jobs require proof to work or so you don’t have to wear a mask. If you are against the vaccine as many people are, you are in good company. Jennifer Bridges, a nurse in Houston, decided that she would not get the vaccine. She isn’t an anti-vaccinator but had seen the side effects of the vaccine and decided it wasn’t worth the risk. Bridges stated, “she’s encountered dozens of patients at the hospital who have experienced adverse reactions to the vaccines, such as blood clots, heart arrhythmias, and swollen appendages, and has received messages from other hospital workers who say they’ve witnessed the same. Bridges was given an ultimatum from the hospital and many others who are hesitant to get the vaccine were openly harassed at work. Bridges after meeting with the hospital management ultimately resigned.

A fellow Houston report was fired because of her speaking up against the dishonesty that she saw with the media and censorship of news. Ivory Hecker decided to come forward to Project Veritas to discuss how vaccination advertisement is big business and how the news censors’ stories that conflict with advertiser’s interest.

So how can you fight back?

If you don’t want to wear a mask or take the “punch” as the vaccine is being called, there is a good place to get information. The is an organization that discusses your rights to not be masked and vaccinated. The Owner/Host Peggy Hall will help you get versed on the laws on covid and your rights as a citizen. has information for employers, downloadable letters for employees, and videos to keep you informed.

The women in this article are brave and have stepped forward against tyranny. Maybe you aren’t in a position to risk your livelihood like they are, but you can always support the cause by donating or attending a local event, and sharing these stories with others. As Peggy Hall would say, “we need all hands on deck” for the fight for freedom.



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