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Japan Must Stop The Abuse of Child Athletes



An international NGO, the Human Rights Watch, released a report Monday that Japanese children who participated in sports experience violence and other types of abuse.

The report was titled, “I was hit so many times I can’t count: Abuse of child athletes in Japan”.  It was a survey of 381 respondents aged 24 and under. 18% of the respondents were verbally abused. 19% said they were “struck, beaten, struck, kicked, struck on the ground, while participating in sports. Or I was hit with something.”  Five reported experiencing sexual assault or harassment.

“Participation in sport should provide children with the joy of play, and with an opportunity for physical and mental development and growth. In Japan, however, violence and abuse are too often a part of the child athlete’s experience,” Human Rights Watch said in the report.

“I am tired of being beaten. I am tired of crying. That’s why I don’t want to be in this world any more” – Written by a young athlete who died from suicide



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