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Jeongeup Police Caused a Controversy by Arresting a Woman in her 80’s for Entering a Neighbor’s House



Police in the city of Jeongeup in the North Jeolla Province have stirred controversy across South Korea by the way they have handled an issue that involved an elderly woman. The 82-year-old woman was arrested on suspicion of home invasion and was investigated. According to the Jeongeup Police Station, a homeowner reported that she had stepped into their home without permission on the 19th.

According to the elderly woman, police officers overpowered her, bent her arms behind her back,  put on “back handcuffs”, and carried her to the police station. South Korea’s guidelines for using handcuffs  require the use of front handcuffs  when the suspect is less likely to run, injure or harm others. Critics have pointed out that the arrest was unreasonable; there was no physical conflict but it was reported both the police and grandma raised their voices because they were being very emotional.

The homeowner  was a police officer and they have received lots of criticism. Their action was labeled by critics as “an abuse of public  power”.  And this has caused  quite a controversy in South Korea.

The investigation revealed that the elderly woman had lived in the same village for decades with the homeowner. According to police, the elderly woman had been close to the homeowner in the past before a land dispute issue.

Critics accused the homeowner and other police officers who were  involved of forcibly arresting an elderly woman. Now that the elderly woman has filed a complaint, the police says they would investigate against three police officers including the homeowner to see whether if they over-responded.