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Lee Yong Speaks Up on Choi Suk-Hyeon and Her Death



On the 22nd, Lee Yong of the United Future Party attended  a hearing related to the abuse of athletes. Representative Lee Yong was the first to bring up the death of the late Choi Suk-Hyeon on the 26th of last month. Lee Yong has attended the various hearings that have happened after Choi’s death.

Lee was known for angrily yelling at the abusers of Choi Suk-Hyeon and calling them out for their actions and behavior at the hearings if  they showed up. Choi Suk-Hyeon’s death hits very close to home for Lee, who was also an athlete; for him, it felt like losing a family member. Lee was a former national bobsledding coach at the PyeongChang Olympics.

Lee has read Choi Suk-Hyeon’s diary which was given to him by her parents. He showed pages of the diary publicly at the hearings; he admits that he was a bit nervous because it was the last thing that her parents had to remind them about her.

In an interview with MBC news, Lee said, “From now on, not only as a sportsman but also as a person selected by the people, I will try to find people who are weak, in any danger or difficulty, any time, anywhere, to help and solve their problems.” When asked about what angered him most in regard to what happened at the hearings, he stated that most of the perpetrators didn’t want to apologize for their actions and were being rude.

Lee vows to take action against the numerous institutions that ignored Choi’s pleas for help before her untimely-death; he refers to them to as the “silent cartel”.   He also hopes that Choi Suk-Hyeon will be remembered as a great kind-hearted athlete and good role model.


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