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Sexists Criticized South Korean Lawmaker Over Dress



Justice Party Rep. Ryu Ho-jeong , the youngest lawmaker in Korea and a member of the Justice Party of South Korea, wore a red and white dress to the National Assembly’s plenary session last Tuesday. This has sparked controversy over Korea’s outrageous dress code.

Mayor Jang Deog-cheon, a member of Democratic Party of South Korea and a well known sexist, says that that wearing anything other than a suit means other than marketing oneself. Truly, Mr. Jang is not the type of person any reasonable person should want for a mayor.

“Isn’t the National Assembly like a funeral hall?” the 28-year-old Ryu Ho-Jeong said, “Everyone has to wear suits to work, but the National Assembly representing the citizens should be able to wear any clothes.” In fact many followers of sexist people like Jang Deong-Cheon had attacked Ryu Ho-Jeong on social media using misogynistic comments. Someone on the Facebook forum for supporters of the  Democratic Party of Korea even said that Jeong looked she came to collect the payment for alcoholic drinks.

Other politicians have started to defend Ryu Ho-Jeong. They hope that the the male-centered culture both in Korean politics and in Korea in general will change ; the world has no place for sexist men. Ryu’s party also supported her.

Ryu is one of the many brave South Korean women who are challenging the dumb expectations of how she should appear in public.