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The Community Spotlight 2020.08.15

Late Nite should be proud of this work of art!Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight and I, @zombiepie, am once again honored to be your host as we look back at the best creative endeavors from the Giant Bomb community! It was a bit of a quiet week…



The Community Spotlight 2020.08.15

Late Nite should be proud of this work of art!Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight and I, @zombiepie, am once again honored to be your host as we look back at the best creative endeavors from the Giant Bomb community! It was a bit of a quiet week on the site by the community. We only have three blogs to report on, though the number of discussion threads are at an all-time high! That said, please be aware the staff continue to explore their approach on how to continue their coverage during the pandemic. Also, to those of you who will be returning to school or have already done so; good luck. But with that out of the way, let’s address the site-related housekeeping!Vinny has a pinned thread they are using to update the community on the archiving of video streams during the Lockdown. In that thread you can get his advice on which versions of the Beastcast have the best audio as well as how to ask him for advice on production issues.Some users are still saying they cannot play videos on Chrome! If that includes you and you have ublock origin or another ad blocker, update it and clear its cache!CORRECTIONS:NONE! I made no factual errors last week! Look at my works ye mighty and despair!Tweets ClipsBombcast 644, Now In 8-Track Format (By: @kirkdouglas)Giant Bomb user kirkdouglas converted episode 644 of the Giant Bombcast into an 8-track cassette! Talk about “going retro!” Read how they did it, and here’s a video of the final product!ArtGiant Bomb’s Games-Rating People (By: @jearum)This week jearum had a go at envisioning what Giant Bomb would be like if it was a 90s game magazine.If I Did THIS, Would It Mean Anything To YOU?! (By: @cristian_rarg)Over on Twitter, cristian_rarg combined three things they love: Contradiction: Spot The Liar!, Luchadeer, and Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout! I think the result looks pretty good!Community ActivitiesDragalia Lost Online Group (By: @regmcfly)We have a new attempt to hook up Giant Bomb users playing Dragalia Lost! If you are playing the game and would like to play with another Giant Bomb user, click the link and drop a comment!BlogsIt was a quiet week for blogs on the site, but everyone should check out danielkempster’s cricket blog!Trashes to Ashes – Part One (By: @danielkempster)Calling all you Cricket fans, including Danny O’Dwyer! User danielkempster is starting a new cricket gaming blog series in which they simulate a rookie career in their own image! Seriously, give it a read you bloody rippah!I Am Really Enjoying Fall Guys (By: @theoracleofgame)theoracleofgame has been having a ball with Fall Guys and shares on the site why it is the first battle royale game they have truly fallen in love with and why the game’s technical issues do not bother them as such as others on the internet!Indie Game of the Week 183: Forever Lost (Episode 1)(By: @mento)Mento continued their “Indie Game of the Week” blog series with a look at Forever Lost (Episode 1) from Glitch Games! Read why they were not immediately impressed by the first-person puzzle-adventure game!Discussions & ThreadsWho’s side of this spat are you taking?Apple Has Removed Fortnite From The App Store (By: @warpr)The big headline this week is pretty obvious. The Giant Bomb community is BUZZING about Apple removing Fortnite from the App Store and Epic Games’ pending lawsuit! Share your impressions of the situation using the link above!Halo Infinite Delayed To 2021 (By: @hatking)It’s official, Halo Infinite has been delayed until 2021. What is your reaction to the delay announcement? Is this a blow to the Xbox Series X launch? Do you think this is a sign the game is in trouble?Does this delay bode well for the Xbox Series X launch?Video Games Starring People of Color (By: @aktane)Here’s an interesting user-run “project! The Giant Bomb community is working on a list of every game that stars a person of color as the protagonist! Whether the game is big or small, feel free to add to the list by dropping a comment using the link below!Control Next-Gen Upgrade Only With Ultimate Edition (By: @hatking)What do you make of the news about the next-gen Control upgrade only being accessible with the “Ultimate Edition?” Do you support the decision? Are you worried about any precedents being set?Favorite Games With Low Metacritic Scores (By: @tp0p)Have you had fun with Fall Guys? Where do you stand regarding its chaos?Here’s a “fun” discussion thread on the forums: what are your favorite games with low Metacritic scores? Share your guilty pleasure game using the link! For me, I have a real “soft spot” for Final Fantasy XIII-2!Is It Too Late To Jump Into Overwatch? (By: @mightyduck)Here’s an interesting discussion thread on the forums in response to the recent patch for Overwatch: Is it too late to jump into Overwatch? What are your thoughts? Use the link to join the community discussion!Factorio Releases Version 1.0 (By: @mightymooquack)Factorio released version 1.0! Are you happy with the game’s current state? Get all the details on what has changed and join the community in discussing what you’d like to see get changed next!Perfect Games (By: @csl316)With more Spelunky and Tony Hawk the community is sharing what they think are “perfect” games. Community picks include Tony Hawk 3 and Ocarina of Time. Share your games and why you think they are perfect.Factorio is kind of Dwarf Fortress for a new generation of gamers.A Total War Saga: Troy Discussion Thread (By: @acura_max)Have any of you checked out A Total War Saga: Troy? Here’s a link to the Giant Bomb community discussion about the game! Share if you have enjoyed or disliked what you’ve played!What Are You Going To Pick For Your Lifepath In Cyberpunk 2077 (By: @djredbat)Attention Cyberpunk 2077 fans! Which “life path” or origin story are you considering for your first playthrough? Vote for and discuss your pick with the rest of the community!What Are Your Next Gen (XSX, PS5) Video Coverage Resolution/Framerate Expectations? (By: THEADMIN)What are your video resolution and framerate expectations for the Xbox Series X and PS5? Is 4K a must? Is 120 or 60 FPS your standard? Vote for and discuss your preference using the link above!I’ll just say I think this game is better than Thrones of Britannia!If Zelda Is A Playable Character In The Next Breath Of The Wild, How Do You Want Her To Play? (By: @ztshp)If Zelda was a playable character in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Sequel, how would you want her to control or play? Would her Hyrule Warriors incarnation work?Sam Fisher Is The Next Operator Coming To Rainbow Six Siege (By: @nateandrews)Sam Fisher is the next Operator coming to Rainbow Six Siege! Are you excited to see what Sam has been up to recently? Is this another sign that Sam is going to make a comeback next gen?ListsIt is always nice to hear people discovering video game franchises thanks to remakes or remasters!Return Of VGBC (By: @totalpatoot)totalpatoot lays out the games in their backlog they most hope to play and complete before the end of this month! Give it a read and consider making a list for yourself!SIGINT’s Ranking of Resident Evils (New Fan Perspective) (By: @sigint)SIGINT timidly bought Resident Evil 2’s remake and it ended up inspiring them to play almost all of the Resident Evil franchise! Check out their “scientific” ranking of what they have played thus far!User ReviewsSomeone didn’t like Super Castlevania IV? SAY IT AIN’T [email protected] decided to have a go at Fallout 76 today. Read how the game has evolved since its rocky launch, and why some things about the game have never [email protected] continues their review retrospective on the Castlevania franchise with a look at Super Castlevania IV! Read why they are not as impressed by the game as most [email protected]_ain continues their review series on Giant Bomb about their most played seventh generation console games! This week they reviewed Halo 3 and share why it continues to entertain them even today!
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